Wabi-Sabi Collection

Prototypes/Discontinued/Sale Items


[ wah-bee-sah-bee ]


a Japanese aesthetic concept that finds beauty and serenity in objects, landscapes, designs, etc., that are simple, imperfect, and impermanent:

“This is not to say the maker was sloppy (wabi-sabi isn’t an excuse for poor craftsmanship), but conditions conspired to make the color and finish “imperfect."  The fact it was made in a rustic style doesn’t make perfection any less attainable, but it does draw attention to the imperfections and the natural process of its creation.” ~Lily Crossly-Baxter

Thank you for visiting our Wabi-Sabi Collection.

We will be using this section to offer unique and prototype weapons that are not in our standard collection. 

Some of these pieces are truly one-of-a-kind and others will be offered in limited quantities. 

Please read the descriptions carefully!  Purchases will be non-returnable.


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